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is committed to closing the wealth divide by empowering underserved communities, particularly consumers affected by the criminal legal system. We accomplish this through asset-focused financial empowerment and by offering technical assistance to stakeholders, enabling advocacy initiatives and programs that promote economic sustainability

Changing the Narrative


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Decrease financial insecurity for marginalized groups like system-impacted people, and increase economic sustainability

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Encourage expanded asset ownership, resulting in positive outcomes for individuals, families, communities, and the overall economy

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  • We recognize the interconnected nature of financial well-being, that’s why we provide a comprehensive approach to financial empowerment that addresses the needs of individuals, raises awareness regarding the complex socioeconomic challenges of economically disenfranchised people, including the historic, systemic policies that influence financial conditions.

  • We enhance financial capability utilizing a trauma-informed, financial empowerment approach.

  • We support agenices as they look to install trauma-informed, financial empowerment programming by addressing their current capacity and agency culture.

  • We advocate for and support systemic change by providing training & coaching to institutions and systems to dismantle barriers and advance economic sustainability for people with criminal histories.

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research shows the cycle of GENERATIONAL ASSET POVERTY IS persistent for historically marginalized consumers. THIS IMPACTS EVERyone!

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In 2021, Native American and Latinx people were disproportationately imprisoned at 4.2 times and 2.4 times the rate of White people. In 2020, neighborhoods with the highest incarceration rates were redlined in the mid-20th century

In 2019, the net worth of White families was nearly 8x greater than that of African American families and 5x higher than that of Hispanic families.

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1 in 5 African Americans experience asset poverty

for third generations in a row, compared to 1 in 100 White Americans. African American homeownership rose in 2021, but at 44%, still remains lower than any other group.

Exp Experiencing childhood poverty due to a parent‘s criminal history frequently results in ongoing poverty in both the individual's adulthood and the lives of their children, perpetuating a multigenerational cycle.

African American, Native Americans and Latinx people are the consumers largely impacted by disparities in lending, coupled with redlining and unequal access to economic opportunities impacting wealth accumulation. Redlining remains so prevalent the U.S. Justice Department launched the Combatting Redlining Initiative in 2021.

Widespread asset poverty hinders overall economic growth and stability, limiting the ability of individuals and communities to invest in economic opportunities and contribute to the economy.

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We change the narrative


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Utilizing Strengths-Based Approaches to Motivate Individual Financial Behavior Change

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Advancing Wealth & Financial Sustainability

Financial Empowerment Curriculum

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Participating in Economic Advocacy to Support Systemic Change

We collaborate with our national partners like the National Community Reinvestment Coalition and others

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Providing Technical Assistance/Coaching for enhanced Systemic and Institutional Change

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Expanding Access & Changing the Narrative

Stakeholder Training Offerings

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Lettisha “Tish” Boyd-

Owner/Principal Consultant

For over a decade, Tish has worked at the intersection of organizational development, equity and inclusion, and economic empowerment for system-impacted people. She has supported various agencies and systems across 13 states in implementing specific evidence-based practices to enhance service delivery. These agencies and systems include colleges, unions, correctional departments, post-secondary education support programs, and community-based programs. Tish has also trained human resource managers on the importance and added value of hiring qualified people with criminal histories to advance equity and inclusion.

A financial health counselor certified by the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors, and extensively trained in strengths-based pedagogy, Tish is also an evidence-based practitioner certified by the Joyfields Institute. During her downtime, Tish enjoys engaging in home remodeling projects, and spending time with her nephew and goddaughter.

B$C is a national financial empowerment firm located at:

4400 Brownsville Rd Ste. 105 #516

Powder Springs, GA 30127